if you go to IT for help please do not do this:

*person walks in to IT office*
"Help my computer is broken*
me: Hi how can I help
them: my computer is broken
me: what exactly is wrong?
them: it is not working
me: what is not working
them: my computer
me: what exactly about the computer is not working?
them: anything
me: are you able to type?
them: no
me: can you move your mouse?
them: no
me: so your computer is frozen?
them: yes
me: *fixes computer*


when you go into the IT office for help do this:
*person walks into IT office*
"Hello, can you please help me; my computer is frozen and I am not able to type or use my mouse*
me: Oh I know how to fix that *fixes the issue*

see how much faster it is?
if you ask IT how to fix something say what is wrong give details
saying my computer is broken is not helpful and wastes time.

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@RexRedbone that would be next door, we are not able to read minds in this room too many computers for that kind of waves

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